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Nitwit Kimchi Trash Jumpers present Flash Mob HHH

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Flash Mob 4 info

Flash Mob number two - Pushing the Envelope! 



Flash Mob 2.0 will absolutely, likely be within the Quardangle of Recockulous.


With all this pressure to do nothing, I struck upon a thought; We four, Hashes of the Apocalypse, are considered the most extreme hashers, willing to push the envelope of entertainment to that which aproaches dumb. Those who would, of their own free will, join us in our natural habitat, stupidity, must too be bordering on vegitative or at least insanity.


Alright limpdicks and bimbos. I'm finalizing the hotel information registration link up for this years drunkfest.

Date: May 21st 2011

Place: Natchez, MS USA

Time: Trail starts when it starts

Hares: Any Buck and a Half (subject to change and immigration status)

Cost: $37.00

Also: Friday night pay as you go trash style pub crawl

Hotel Information:

Excellent Inn & Suites
43 Sgt Prentiss Drive
Natchez, MS 39120-4727
(601) 442-1691
Prices are as follows: $45 1-3 people $55 4 people
$100 jacuzzi hot tube rooms
The cancellation policy is 48hrs. When you call tell them you are with the running group.


In true Flash Mob fashion, bring your own fun, enjoy yourselves and get the fuck out because I'm not planning a fucking thing.... well, maybe one or two..


FlashMob2 - Registration


Why Natchez, Mississippi on May 21st, 2011? Because I was craving nachos and it's close to Homochitto (Mexican for Border Jumpers are homos) National Forest . For Flash Mob 2.0 number two, trust, that in true Flash Mob fashion, we will not plan, organize or coordinate a damn thing.




The History of Flash Mob HHH

A ricockulous idea born at IAH 2009 in Winter Park, CO the Flash Mob Hash House Harriers is a group of hashers who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse. The goal of the Flash Mob Hash House Harriers is for 4 like-minded hash kennels (Nittany Valley, Colorado Kimchi, Carolina Trash, Border Jumpers), whose reputation is often greater than their actual contribution, to host a random hash event, in a random location, just for the hell of it… half-mind translation: "Assemble, have fun, disperse!" The tenants of the Flash Mob HHH are:

  • This is not your father's hash event
  • The assembly will be organized once a year, preferably on the 3rd weekend in May (weekend after Mother's day)
  • Primary responsibility for organization will rotate between the 4 founding kennels (see additional details below)
  • The assembly location will be inside the NKTJ Zone (i.e. the parallelogram created by connecting the 4 kennels)
  • The event is open to anyone that is willing to register and show up in the occasionally remote/off the beaten path locations
  • Simplicity is a priority (remember: assemble, have fun, disperse... anyone can organize a complex hash weekend, that's not our goal!)
  • Is there a point to all this? No, that is the point.

Who "organizes" this thing? Although primary responsibility for organizing the assembly will rotate between the 4 founding kennels, there are some additional guidelines that we have established. At each assembly, one representative from each of the 3 non-sponsoring kennels will step forward, make a proposition statement, and a hand vote will decide the next organizing host. Representation is necessary for acquiring host privilege. The hosting kennel may work with a local kennel at the intended assembly location, but primary organizing responsibility will lie with designated 4 founding kennel host.


FLASH MOB 4.20 1 Reply

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Agenda: Flash Mob number Two Pushing the Envelope...

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